New child care booking and payment system from 1st August 2017

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As of 1st August, there will be a new child care booking and payment system.

There are many administrative benefits to changing to this new system, for our child care staff as well as benefits for families using our service.

The main changes include:
  • Bookings will be directly entered in to 'QikKids,' the new system by our child care or customer relations staff.
  • Each family will now have a “Family Account”…No more passes!
  • 3 year old Kinder, Sessional care and Occasional Care fee payments will come directly out of your account. Payments into your account are still made at Reception and the receipt presented to our child care administrator.  You can nominate how much child care credit you would like to add to your account.
  • A statement will be emailed to you each week:. This details all fees that have been deducted from your account, based on the type of care you have used for the week. It also provides you with your account balance going forward into the next week.  Note: Please ensure that your account has sufficient funds to process bookings on the day of care.
All child care passes, currently on file, will be transferred into your family account within QikKids on Monday 31st July 2017.  A statement informing you of your opening balance from 1st August will be emailed to you.  If you do not receive this email please check that we have your current email address.

Please be patient with our staff as they are learning this new computer program.

Stay tuned for more information, as the next stage is the introduction of a digital sign in and out process and the ability for you to make online bookings, directly from your phone.