Birthday parties

Let your child celebrate their birthday in style and add that wow factor to their special day.

Birthday Parties at Casey RACE are 1 ½ hours, and include a designated party leader, party invitations, aquatic activities, pool inflatable, games and catering.

Birthday parties range in price subject to the catering option.

This is a great opportunity for you to sit back, relax and let someone else organise the party, run the games, worry about the catering and handle the cleaning-up!

Contact Casey RACE on 5990 8600 for further information.

 birthday party

Program Details

  • 1 hour of activity time lead by qualified party leaders

  • Followed by 30 mins in the party area at your own party table

  • 6-13 year olds use large tarzan inflatable, 5-7 year olds use small dolphin inflatable.


  • Prices range from $26 - $31 per participant (includes activities conducted by qualified leaders and catering).

  • Food platters are also available from $55.00 - $65.00 for the adults.

  • Cappuccino, lattes and hot chocolates can be organised for the adults.


  • Party times available Saturdays and Sundays with a range of sessions on offer:Bookings can be made in person by completing a booking form or over the phone however the booking will not be secure until a deposit is left.

    • 6-13 year old parties

      • 12.00pm session
      • 1.00pm session
      • 2.15pm session
      • 3.15pm session
    • 5-7 year old parties
      • 12.30pm
      • 1.30pm
      • 2.45pm
  • A deposit will be required upon booking. Deposits are based on the menu option and start from $104.

  • Total number of children attending will need to be confirmed no later than 5pm on Wednesday the week of the Party.

  • Final Payment for the party and any catering options ordered must be paid on the day of the party prior to the commencement of the program.


  • Inflatable

  • Water activities

  • Party games



  • Due to queuing logistics and the limited time allocated to the party program rotations, the waterslides will only be included in the party program if deemed suitable to do so on the day.

  • Use of the waterslides will be taken into consideration the age group and the amount of general public visiting the facility that day.

  • No guarantee can be made in advance to use the waterslides. 

children jumping out of the water