Masks must be carried with you at all times and worn indoors if within 1.5 metres of others. All other COVID safe practices will remain in place.

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Keep our pools clean

June 29, 2018

Public pools are a great way to have fun and stay fit but it is important for everyone’s health and safety that they stay clean and free from bodily fluids like sweat, pee and poop!

To ensure the cleanliness of all our public pools and waterways follow the steps listed below.

1. Shower before you enter the water - Even showering for just 1 minute with soap removes most of the dangerous germs and bacteria from your body, plus it ensures that you don’t bring dirt, lotions and bodily fluids into the pool!

2. Take children on regular bathroom breaks every 30-40 minutes

3. If your child is not completely toilet trained and wears a diaper at any point during the day or night, please ensure that they wear a waterproof swimming nappy.

4. If you’ve been sick or had diarrhoea stay out of the water for 14 days after it stops. This may seem extreme but you can still be contagious and this is an easy way to ensure sickness doesn’t spread to large amounts of people.

5. Don’t pee or poo in the pool! – If an accident occurs please notify a lifeguard or member of staff straight away.

By following these steps we can ensure our pools stay clean, safe and open!

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