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Winter Strokes

June 16, 2022

Why it is important to keep up swimming lessons during winter.

Winter is here and with it the cold and wet, and our inclination to hibernate, waiting for the warmth of Spring before we come out of hiding again. The things however that we should be staying active and keeping up our energy levels, especially our children. Swimming and keeping up swimming lessons is a great way to remain active and fit without having to worry about the cold and wet weather, as our lessons are all indoors.

Build stronger immunity

Contrary to what many people believe, swimming during winter actually builds immunity to illness, and does not increase the risk of getting ill. Cases of the cold and flu are spread, not by being cold and having wet hair, but by being indoors with other people i.e. hibernating with other. Experience has shown that those who swim throughout winter are less likely to catch a cold or get the flu.

Maintain confidence and build skills in the water

Taking a break during the winter usually results in a decline in a child’s confidence in the water as well as a decline in the swimming skills, technique and stamina. It only take several weeks for this to happen. Yes, we spend more time in the water during the summer months but that is why it is important to keep swimming through the winter months. Continuation helps combat fear and anxiety in the water so that your child is water confident and prepared for the increased amount of time they will spend around water in the summer. They will also improve on their skills and advance to newer, higher levels instead of going backwards and having to essentially repeat their lessons in order to catch up if taking time off during the winter months.

It could save their lives

Water confidence equals water safe. Having the swimming skills and importantly stamina could save their life. Swimming lessons and water safety skills learned through winter ensures they maintain and improve upon their swimming skills and stamina, and understand how to handle emergencies, being more prepared for any unforeseen incidents that may occur.

Escape the chill

There is a persistent belief that the water is colder during the winter but that is not the case with our indoor pools. The water temperature is kept at a consistent 28 degrees centigrade in the main pool and 30 degrees in the leisure pool all year round. The air temperature can feel colder, which leads people to believe the water is cooler however neither are linked to increased illness and in fact, as mentioned, can increase immunity.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Like learning your times table by repetition, the same goes for learning to swim. To maintain and reinforce existing skills and improve them, you need ‘just keep swimming’, as Dory from the film Finding Nemo would say. Taking a break can be quite detrimental to a child’s development especially when they are young and developing muscle memory and long-term skill retention. By continuing to swim, progress is made consistently and quickly and positive results are fast tracked.

Stay smart

A child is a like a sponge when they are young and their brain development can be increased through swimming as children work on the concentration, coordination, balance and motor skills. It is also regarded as vital for the development of academic performance. Swimming is also known to increase blood flow to the brain, increasing the oxygen, meaning more alertness, better memory and cognitive function.

On top of all of this, swimming can make your child feel good because, as a form of exercise, it releases endorphins into the body. To top it all off, swimming is a meditative exercise, with the repeated movements and breathing helping your child to relax as well as ease stress and tension.

Cure cabin fever

Swimming lessons and the free access to the pools at any time as part of their swimming lessons membership means your children can get out of the house, away from the screens, whether they be tablets, TVs, or phones, and doing some water activities that are both fun and educational as well as social, enabling them build their confidence and abilities around water.


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