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We are setting a challenge! Can you swim the Great Ocean Road?

Between October and April, we are asking you to come in to Casey ARC and Casey RACE and swim laps to the equivalent length of the Great Ocean Road. How far is that? 243km or 486 50 metre laps or 972 25 metre laps. That is a lot and that is why we will do it as a team, with every participant's total laps being added to the tally below.

To add a little bit of fun, we are doing this as a challenge between Casey RACE and Casey ARC to see who can get to the total first and then smash it!

What's in it for you? Apart from that sense of accomplishment when you do something great, we are giving away spot prizes and milestone prizes to those that take part. 

Also, the person who swims the furthest, between both centres, will win a 12 MONTH AQUATIC MEMBERSHIP or CREDIT FOR 12 MONTHS if they are an existing member.

What to do

Note the number of lengths you swim at Casey RACE or Casey ARC.

Enter your details and lengths swum here on this page or at the Sales Desk after each swim.

We will update the details daily and contact you if you have won a prize.


Don't wait a moment longer. Get down to Casey RACE or Casey ARC and take up the challenge.

Casey ARC0446.044.60
Casey RACE21,7004,188.5418.85

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