Flooring Upgrade

Casey RACE is getting new flooring. There will be disruption during this period. More information

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Exciting changes are coming to Casey RACE with brand new flooring inccentre.

Please be aware that sections of the aquatic area will be closed during these upgrades and we ask for your understanding and patience.

Regular updates will appear on our Facebook page, on this page and in centre once the upgrade begins.

What's Happening

Here is where you will find the latest information on any changes in the centre due to the flooring works.

Week 4

The flooring project is coming along well. However, we are at the stage of the project where users will be affected by closures to different areas of the centre. These closures will start on Monday 26 February when the Spa, Sauna and Steam Room will be closed for two weeks until 11 March. This will also include the pool deck behind the deep end of the main pool and in front of the spa, sauna and steam room, which will be closed for access until 5 March.

We realise this will cause major disruption to many of our users who use the Spa, Sauna and Steam Room on a regular basis. During this time, we recommend that users go to Casey ARC, where they will have access to the same facilities and entry for members of Casey RACE is free. For more information or if this is not a suitable alternative we recommend speaking to Customer Service on your next visit.

While the flooring upgrade is happening, we will also be taking the opportunity to conduct some maintenance in the spa, sauna and steam room area including fixing the spa jets and lights as well as other maintenance in the area.

The boom will also be set at 25 metres between 26 February and 11 March to ensure the flooring work is done efficiently and without possible delay.

There will also be limited access in the shallow end of the main pool between 26 February and 4 March due to the floor upgrade at the rear of the main pool.

We realise this will be a very disruptive period for many users and we apologise for the inconvenience it will cause. If you have any question, please refer to our FAQs below or see Customer Service on your next visit.

Week 3

Removal of the existing floor has now been completed around the following areas: Main pool, Spa area, Warm water pool, Group change rooms and the area between the male and female change rooms. The team are now in the process of going around and lowering each drain to ensure proper drainage will occur when the new flooring product is poured. The next stages are taking place with the removal of the existing flooring around the children’s splash area and the main beach entrance to the leisure pool. This should not impact access to this area.

Everything is going to plan and the next stage of the floor upgrade will commence shortly. This will involve re-levelling to the pool deck area to ensure proper drainage will occur. This will impact areas of the facility, as areas will need to be completely dry prior to the products being used and will need to allow drying time. Communications will be sent out to all members and updates will be posted on Facebook and the Casey RACE website. 

Week 2

The first 2 weeks of the project has been all about the demolition of the existing flooring. This involves scraping the top layer of flooring using small ride on equipment as well as a team grinding the flooring surface back to its original concrete surface. To date the team have been able to remove half of the pool deck surface. There may not appear to be much of a difference now as the mats have been placed back awaiting the next stages. You may also see a few red cones situated on pool deck. The cones are there as a precaution so please keep an eye out for them.

This week the remaining areas of the pool deck area will be removed and coming soon, the levelling and new floor will commence. This will create areas that will be closed for a period of time. We will provide as much notice as possible as to when this will happen as we are communicating daily with the construction team.


What parts of the pool will be closed and how long for?

The walk way at the back of the 50m pool will be closed between 26/2/18 – 5/3/18.

The Spa, Sauna and Steam Room will be closed between 26/2/18 – 11/3/18.

Will this affect swimming lessons?

We will do our best to minimise the affect on swimming lessons. We will keep you up to date on our Facebook page and the website. If lessons do need to be cancelled at any stage, you will be contacted directly by one of our team.

Will this affect group fitness classes?

Dry group fitness classes will not be affected at this point in time. Changes may occur to aqua classes. Updates will be available on Facebook and the website.

Will I be able to swim 50m laps?

Please see our Lap Lane Availability for more information on when the 50m pool will be available. This will remain as up to date as possible during this time.

Will I be able to use the change rooms?

Any changes to change room availability will be shown on our website and posted to our Facebook page.

Will this affect the gym flooring?

The gym flooring will not be affected at this time. If this changes we will update you on our Facebook Page and the website.

What's been happening?

Here is where you'll get to see the changes happening at Casey RACE!

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