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Below are some testimonials from members about the our personal trainers. If you are interested in learning more, contact the team on 5990 8600 or come in and talk to one of the team.

Kate on her Personal Trainer Rachel.

“I’ve been having two personal training session per week with Rach for the last 2 years. Within this timeframe, I’ve not only gained confidence in my abilities to complete workouts that I never thought I could do, I’ve also 30 kgs in the process.

My initial goal was to be a healthier version of myself, yes this meant weight loss, but it also meant a whole lot more. Overall I wanted to simply feel fitter, to be able to see progress in my results, I wanted to have better mental health and reduce my blood pressure.

I have achieved all of this and have seen so many benefits in my personal and professional life because of this. I had explained to Rach that I wanted to be able to live a normal life and not necessarily feel like I was restricting myself because I was “dieting” - Rachel helped me make more educated decisions regarding my nutrition and I don’t have the restricted feeling or guilty feeling if I have a wine or two. I have worked hard on my health, but have been able to a great balance which means overall, I’m happier for it and probably one of the reasons I keep attending.

Rachel and I discussed my goals in terms of how may days I wanted to work out - I started with a goal of completing three workouts per week, which was a great starting point and it left more room for me to complete more during the week if I wanted to.

We regularly check in on my results on the body scanner and even if I stagnate a little from being on a holiday or unwell, together we re-group and focus on getting back on track. Rach has also altered our workouts to accommodate any injuries I have and again, this inspired me to keep going instead of stopping because I was injured.

Rachel really cares about my goals, needs and my life – as they all intertwine with each other. She customises her workouts to suit my abilities and pushes me to delve deeper when she knows I can try harder!

Rachel has developed a deep understanding of me and how I operate, she uses this to motivate and encourage me through every stage of my journey. 

I must stress that I’m clearly not someone that you would deem to be fitness obsessed and I really struggle with early and cold mornings, but since I started with Rachel - I haven’t missed any sessions (Other than illness related), I’m working out 4-5 times per week, I’m fitter and healthier than I have been in 15 years and overall I feel so much better for it! 

Rach is a massive asset to your team and your members and I highly recommend her to whoever will listen!"

Julian on his Personal Trainer Thomas H

"Thomas has been our personal trainer for the last 18 months. We have during that time found Thomas to be an outstanding trainer, who has an exceptional understanding and knowledge of physiology and has an ability to understand our specific needs and requirements for our different ages and genders. He has helped both of us meet and exceed our goals and push us to new heights in our levels of fitness.

For me, Julian Powell, I started personal training with Thomas, some 9 months after having quite a serious injury of a shattered heal. I had restricted movement and pain. I had had physiotherapy and was told, by specialists that I would always have a disability with that heel. Thomas has worked constantly with me and as well as improving my all-around strength and fitness, he has worked with me on improving my flexibility and strengthening my heel and ankle. He has improved it to the point where it is as good as it ever was, which I thought, and was told by specialists, was not possible. His understanding and rehabilitation techniques have been outstanding.

I have had experience with personal trainers over many years and without doubt I would say Thomas is by far the best I have ever had and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone considering in improving their fitness and health. He is a considerable asset to the gym. He is driven to get the best out of his clients and knows just how hard to push to get the absolute best out of us. On top of that he is also good fun to train with, and a very likable young man, which keeps us both coming back to train each and every week."

Anthony on his Personal Trainer James F

"James Fraser has been working with my husband who is in a wheelchair suffering from MS for over six months now. We feel that James has helped Anthony with his mobility in his legs and upper core strength.Always thinking outside the box. He is happy to share any thought that could help Anthony with his debilitating disease. He is happy to communicate with Anthony's physio and myotherapist which make it so easy for all to work for a greater goal for Anthony. James is one of those people that you feel very comfortable talking with what your week has been like  good or bad . He sets a program that focuses on his needs for that day.  He gives my husband a greater feeling of achievement and a work out that hits all the right cords for him mentally and physically . He always come away from a session  feeling that he has achieved some thing worth doing in keeping himself on the right track thanks to James. Anthony and I feel very blessed that James Fraser has been Anthony's Personal trainer. We have recommended James to many friends who are looking for a personal trainer."

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