We are now 24/7!

Our gym is now open 24/7 and to celebrate we are offering a $0 joining fee. Learn more about 24/7.

One Casey City of Casey

The Casey RACE app allows you to learn about Casey RACE’s facilities and services.

You can use it to view upcoming group fitness sessions, login to the member portal where you can book group fitness sessions as well as update your details.

You can also receive alerts on news and events happening at Casey RACE.

On top of this you can also use the YMCA shop to purchase items as well as access your Member Rewards through the app!


Download the app for Android and Apple.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_blk_092917.png Get it on Google Play


Click on the 'Member Rewards' link on the app

Select the voucher you want to redeem.

When you visit one of the Member Reward stores, simply show them the coupon on your phone and they will redeem it for you by entering a passcode onto your phone.


Click on the 'Customer Portal' link in the app.

Enter the email address you used when you joined Casey RACE in the 'Username' field.

Enter your password. If this is your first time using the Member portal, your generic password is YMCACasey.

You can now pay outstanding balances, book Group Fitness classes, view booked classes, as well as cancel booked classes all on your phone.

 If you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact us on 5990 8600.

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