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Casey ARC and Casey RACE hold vibrant Swimming Carnivals

August 20, 2019

On the 10th of August at Casey ARC and the 17th of August at Casey RACE, over 300 participants jumped in the water to compete in races at our Casey Swimming Carnivals. With many children swimming in multiple events, there were over 700 race entries across the two carnivals. With outstanding support from the families involved, the occasions were a celebration of participation and inclusivity.

Being the second ever Casey Carnival at both Centres, the successes of the events ensure that the carnivals will continue annually. Cindy Smith, Aquatics Director for ONE Casey, was the race announcer for the carnival at Casey ARC. Cindy touched on the family value of the event.

“It was so good to see the positive reinforcement from parents before, during and after the races. Casey ARC was full of spirit from all involved on the day,” Cindy said.

For many of the children involved in the races, it would have been their first taste of competitive swimming. There was no shortage of willing participants from all ages, with events swum by children as young as the age of three all the way to adults. Parents were also invited to take part in the Parent Race which was a big hit with the onlooking kids.

“It’s fantastic that we are able to provide an avenue for families to be a part of something that they might not typically have access to,” Cindy said.

Matt, Aquatics Coordinator for ONE Casey, was the race announcer at the Casey RACE Carnival. Matt was excited by the upcoming talent shown by swimmers in the Casey area.

“Staff were thrilled to see some of the kids that they teach doing so well in their races. There are definitely some future Susie O’Neill’s and Ian Thorpe’s climbing up the ranks to keep an eye out for,” Matt said.

Though the Swimming Carnivals have an element of competition, it wasn’t about winning. The day had an overarching focus on involvement, and Matt was impressed with the willingness of the children who were pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

“Even though the kids were competing against each other, they also had the chance to make friends with other students from their level. The importance of teaching children from a young age the value of participation, as opposed to winning, is paramount,” Matt said.

With both Casey Swimming Carnivals being vibrant events full of fun activities and new friendships, it’s sure to be something that all involved will remember.

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