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Casey Lifeguards take part in LSV Pool Lifeguard Challenge

August 28, 2019

On Friday 23rd August, 72 Lifeguards from across Victoria came together at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre to compete in Life Saving Victoria’s prestigious Pool Lifeguard Challenge. 18 recreational facilities put forward a team of four Lifeguards to compete in a series of scenarios to test how they react to emergency situations.

The scenarios were broken up into three main parts: wet scenarios, dry scenarios and novelty races. Students from SEDA, Staff and Educational Development Association, were brought in to act out the scenarios so that they were as realistic as possible.

Participants saw everything from a choking patient to a deep water spinal situation, with the various stations requiring basic first aid through to CPR. The range of circumstances that the Lifeguards were exposed to were a true test of composure and ability.

For the first time, Casey ARC and Casey RACE were granted the opportunity to put forward a team each to participate in the Challenge. Both teams thrived on the chance to showcase their skills formulated from knowledge based on their qualifications, in-house training sessions and personal experiences.

Casey ARC’s team was supported on the day by George Koumantatakis, Acting Centre Manager, who was proud of the team and what they got to take away from the day.

“The occasion is not about winning - it’s about being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in a high pressure situation, and adapting those learnings into fundamental skills that can be utilised on an ongoing basis,” George said.

Though the event has an evidential competitive element to it, the Casey teams particularly thrived on the chance to expose themselves to scenes that they wouldn’t come across on a daily basis. The adjudicators for each station took time at the end of the scenario to educate teams on the areas that they performed well in and also where they required improvement. 

“With this new found expertise, these Lifeguards can impart their knowledge in Centre to fellow Lifeguards and share their developed understanding of the fact that they have a strong ability to respond in an emergency situation,” George said.

The LSV Pool Lifeguard Challenge saw great reward for all participants from the Casey Centres, testing not only their technical skills but their ability to communicate as the team. With the finishing placements yet to be revealed, both teams are hopeful to have achieved results beyond expectation.

Images from Challenge

Casey ARC Lifeguards

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