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Casey RACE Receive Platinum Pool Award

July 5, 2019

Casey RACE has been accredited with LSV’s (Life Saving Victoria’s) prized Platinum Pool award. In doing so, the facility joins an exclusive club of just 25 Victorian aquatics facilities currently holding the accreditation.

Platinum Pool status is awarded to aquatic facilities providing outstanding levels of safety. To achieve the award Casey RACE had to undertake a rigorous series of assessments to ensure it met all of LSV’s criteria for the accreditation.

LSV General Manager – Public Training and Pool Safety, Andy Dennis, said the award is a way of recognising those facilities that have attained the highest level of safety requirements and standards.

“The award is similar to accrediting a lifesaver, and therefore facilities must undergo a thorough assessment of their skills and performance and attain a high standard throughout,” Mr Dennis said.

“We are very selective when awarding Platinum Pool accreditation. LSV must be satisfied that exemplary levels of aquatic safety are being achieved and constantly maintained before the award is issued.”

Included in the award is an industry leading Pool Safety Assessment, a six-monthly assessment on implementation, Mystery Guest Visits and adherence to the best practice ‘Watch Around Water’ child supervision program.

Facilities who have qualified for the Platinum Pool award are certified and provided with internal materials within the facility. The accreditation is valid for 12 months and forms an important component of the overall safety planning and continual improvement strategy.

To apply for LSV’s Platinum Pool award or for further information contact LSV’s Pool Safety Team on (03) 9676 6950 or email assessments@lsv.com.au

Casey RACE

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