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Future Leaders Program 2019

October 16, 2019

Between Sunday 29th September and Wednesday 2nd October, a selection of ONE Casey staff from Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre, Casey ARC and Casey RACE were nominated to attend a YMCA Future Leaders program. This program included a series of workshops to further their personal and leadership skills.

The program is targeted at young staff and volunteers who have made a strong impact on their YMCA centre and are looking to develop their careers further within the Y. There is a focus on the individuals having the opportunity to improve skills applicable to their individual work environments to have a greater influence on their workplace.

Future Leaders is run by a taskforce of volunteers made up of people who work within the Y, volunteers for the Y and former YMCA staff of the Y. The people who run Future Leaders take time away from their schedules to share their incredible knowledge and experience by creating a full agenda for participants to get involved in. 

Over the four days of the program, the participants would start the day with breakfast at 8:00am, with the first session commencing at either 8:30am or 9:00am. The sessions would go all throughout the day and finish as late as 10:00pm.

One of the participants, Madison Mclure, touched on one of the sessions related to building your personal brand and the influence that the information had on her.

“The session encouraged us to understand how you would like to portray yourself in a professional work environment; whether that be confident, hard-working, reliable, funny; and how that is impacted by what you portray on your personal social media platforms,” Madi said.

As social media is a now vital part of the modern workforce, Madi explained how important it is to acknowledge that social media platforms are essentially an online resume in both a personal and professional sense.

“It is very common for employers to look at the social media profiles of their potential employees. This is why it is so important to maintain a professional personal branding to ensure that we can display ourselves as a competent worker,” Madi said.

The Future Leaders taskforce presenters encouraged everyone to get out of their comfort zones and be present by running their sessions in experimental ways. This included getting the participants to run outside, crawl through dark concrete pipes, build bridges with ice-cream sticks, listen to stories, write on sticky notes and throw jelly or paint powder at each other.

Despite the somewhat atypical approach to certain sessions, Future Leaders provided a safe and open space for young adults to learn, network and grow. The program provided our ONE Casey staff with tools and knowledge that they can apply in their workplaces and personal lives.

Future Leaders 2019

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